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Back Massages

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Muscle Melting Back Massage

30 Mins €40.00

Melt away any aches and pains with our muscle melting back massage, helps you de-stress by working on any areas of tension in the back, neck and shoulders can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.


 Deep Tissue Back Massage

30 mins €48.00

An excellent back massage for anyone suffering with a lot of tension in their back, the use of forearms and elbows deepens the massage allowing us to work on inner layers of muscle, tendons and fascia.


Hot Stone Back Massage

30 mins €48.00

A specialized back massage treatment where we use warm basalt volcanic stones, as well as our hands to massage with by heating the muscles it allows us to go that bit deeper but in a very relaxing way, great massage for anyone suffering with arthritis or just for pure relaxation for those that enjoy heat.

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