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Facial Treatments


Facial Ritual

1hr 30mins €95.00

We begin your journey with our FOOT RITUAL, exfoliation of the feet up to the knee, you then place your feet into our wooden foot spa, we finish with a moisturisation with Lemon and Tea Tree Essential Oils.

Once up on the bed we follow with a de-stressing back massage helping you to relax before we continue on to your facial, we analize the skin and choose products to suit you skin needs, we also treat you to a scalp, face, neck, shoulder and foot and leg massage during your treatment it truly is a real overall treat.

Glow Facial Peel

40 mins €75.00

A Facial Peel designed to make the skin glow.  Its an effective treatment containing vitamins and Licorice Root  extract with aid in the reduction  of pigmentation , treatment of rosacea, building collagen and returning the skin to a youthful shine and glow. 

Recommended as a course of treatments for better results but can also be gotten as an individual treatment to brighten the skin.


45 mins €80.00

Micro-dermabrasion uses sterile microcrystals which are sprayed over the skin using a special vacuum technique, as the crystals touch the skin they loosen old and dead skin cells leaving the skin noticeably smoother, softer and brighter. It can be used to treat stubborn acne, blackheads, operation scars, burns, pigmented patches and fine lines and wrinkles. Visible results after one treatment but the results are wonderful after a course of treatments.

Allow for consultation with your first appointment if required we will recommend a course of treatments.


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