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Hydrotherapy Treatment

30 mins €45.00

A LUXURIOUS HEATED BATH with multi-massage jets designed to work on all areas of the body from head to toe giving the same effect of a full body massage, can be used to treat many conditions such as swelling or oedema in the lower limbs, helps firm the tissues, treats rheumatoid arthritis, sleep and metabolic problems, backache, joint stiffness, fibromyalgia and can improve muscle tone.

Our Hydrotherapy bath is also unique as it also has added Chromotherapy an holistic treatment using colour which aims to bring balance to the energy of our body used to treat depression, stress, and seasonal effective disorder.

You also get to personally choose between aromatherapy oils which invigorate and re-energise the body or dead sea salts an ideal way of detoxing and absorbing nutrients into the body making this treatment an unique treatment to suit your particular needs.


One person bath.


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